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Every aspect of your business needs security. The distribution of data happens continuously among various digital platforms. The loss of information or data tampering can be a concern for everyone during the online transaction.

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Understanding the business and requirements, we follow a multidisciplinary approach to provide customized Blockchain development services— starting with strategy assessment, rapid prototyping, solution design, complex implementation to third-party integration, add-ons and entire ecosystem management to help you stay focused and maximize your transformation.

Secure – Blockchain based transactions are more secure than other record-keeping systems. Transactions need to be agreed upon before they are recorded. Once this is done, transactions are encrypted and linked to the previous one.

Transparency – Blockchain allows all network participants to share the same documentation as opposed to individual copies. You can only update the shared version through consensus, meaning everyone must agree on it. The slightest change would require the alteration of all subsequent records, making it transparent.

Traceability – If you deal in a complex supply chain, you know how hard it is to trace a product back to where it came from. When you are using a blockchain platform to record exchanges of goods, you get an audit trail that shows the origins of a product and every stop it made on its way.

Blockchain Services

Blockchain Services

Blockchain Technology

We design distributed ledger technology for both public and private blockchains, including custom tokens, individual nodes, hash algorithms, and architectures. Our consensus protocols provide templates for proof of work and definition, reducing double-spending mistakes and the need for obsolete third parties.

Smart Contracts

We program smart contracts for blockchain networks, providing decentralized network solutions for the e-commerce development, banking, real estate, supply chain, and gaming industries. We design smart contracts to register loan requests and intellectual property, validate insurance eligibility, produce credit letters for foreign transactions, and establish decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs).

Wallets And Exchange Applications

Our services for managed blockchain applications include blockchain wallet applications and exchange platforms for desktops, mobile devices, and browser applications. We code apps for exchanging multiple cryptocurrencies and blockchain based tokens, auto-generating public and private keys, making transactions online, engaging in Initial Coin Offerings (ICO), and analyzing any block's hypermedia and data background.

Blockchain Mining Solutions

Our embedded Blockchain Development experts create cryptocurrency-mining computer systems that are designed to improve distributed ledger technology security. We accelerate transaction verifications by incorporating application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) chips within mining hardware and programming double-round hash verification functionality.

Blockchain Workflow

Blockchain Workflow

Businesses use blockchain to digitize workflows they share with other organizations, such as moving physical assets across supply chains. The anatomy of blockchain apps is similar across use cases. Here, we use Azure Blockchain Service as the foundational managed blockchain network and build a consortium application that can ingest signals from relevant user interfaces and communicate ledger data to consuming apps across the consortium.




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Industry We Serve

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